Industry Recognition

MiTraining’s course offerings, training delivery and assessment approach are informed directly by Australian business and industry. This means our training programs are industry relevant, current, high quality and ensure the skills and knowledge developed by learners match the expectations of real employers.

MiTraining established and Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) to provide direct input from business and industry. Members bring critical perspectives about future training options, the relevancy of training and assessment methods to industry needs, and the performance expectations of industry employers in relation to graduate outcomes.

Links to industry

MiTraining was established to further the goal of creating real employment outcomes for everyday Australians.

MiTraining is a not-for-profit Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that is part of the Migas Group, including MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees.

For more than 30 years MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees has employed and mentored thousands of Australians to become skilled tradespeople and workers. In that time, MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees has worked alongside Australian business and industry to help them grow and prosper.

Our heritage means we have our finger on the pulse of the types of skills and knowledge employers want.