Conflict and Stress Management Courses

Handling Conflict at Work

Conflict can rear its head in any aspect of your personal or professional life. Avoiding conflict might feel like a safe option, but can often leave the issue unresolved and simmering away.

Handling conflict well is a skill anyone can learn – and getting it right can even turn difficult relationships into positive ones.

Managing Work Stress

The short course will help you better understand the causes of stress and how you it can be managed in a work environment.  You’ll develop ways to identify stressors and tactics to help deal with how stress manifests in you.

How to Build Personal Resilience: From Surviving to Thriving

Half day face-to-face workshop - Brisbane
9.00am to 1.00pm, Tuesday 8 May 2018

In this workshop you'll learn highly practical ways to build your personal resilience and be able to apply those techniques back in your work (and personal) life to improve performance and wellbeing. You’ll takeaway an effective model for making measurable, sustainable change in to your own personal resilience within 21 days.