Training for Staff (Online and Workshops)

MiTraining can help develop the practical skills of your staff to improve your bottom line.

We train and develop across a broad range of topics in business, management and leadership skill areas.

The training content and delivery format can be tailored to your workplace, industry sector and the specific challenges in the way of meeting your business objectives.

Read more about our approach to staff training, browse the pre-packaged staff workshop options below or browse the full course library for more topic areas.


- Training workshops are delivered face-to-face on-site at your workplace or an alternative venue.

- Workshops are expertly facilitated by an experienced trainer who is a specialist in the subject matter.

- Pre-packaged workshop options are available on in-demand topic areas for groups of 5 or more staff, or…

- Workshops can be tailored to suit skills gaps, workplace issues and to meet objectives that are specific to your business and industry.

- Workshop pricing is fair, competitive and transparent so you can plan and budget with confidence.

- Workshops can be delivered as a half-day, full-day or over multiple scheduled sessions to offer flexibility and to suit the depth of the subject matter.

Training Needs Analysis

Many of our business clients tell us one of the barriers to organising training is choosing the “right” training. That’s why we’ve created a simple to complete 4 step Training Needs Analysis template to help you pinpoint the specific training needed for your business…it might even identify some training you’ve never considered before.

To source effective training which meets the needs of individuals and the business, and represents value for money, a Training Needs Analysis is your essential tool.

Request our free, simple four step Training Needs Analysis.

Contact Us

To discuss staff training options contact MiTraining on 1300 549 190 or email us.

Prepackaged Workshops

Browse our current pre-packaged workshops below or search the full course library for more staff training topics and talk to us about a custom training solution.


DISC Advanced Workshop

STAFF WORKSHOP | Undertaking a DISC Advanced profile assessment is a powerful professional development experience for individuals and teams. This half-day workshop can be delivered on site for a group of 5 staff.

Workshop pricing is for a group of 5 staff.


Micro Training 5 Pack

Design your own professional development with a bundle of five Micro Training courses.


Dealing with Difficult People and Behaviours

STAFF WORKSHOP | This half-day workshop can be delivered on site for a group of 5 staff. It’s designed to help develop practical skills for managing and resolving conflict and tough situations in your workplace.


Workshop pricing is for a group of 5 staff.