BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management


This nationally recognised qualification is the go‐to course for emerging managers who are taking on a broader range of responsibilities in their business.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to lead and support your team towards successful outcomes, and through the day‐to‐day challenges of working with colleagues and clients.

If you’ve developed strong technical skills and practical knowledge in your area of specialisation, complementing these skills with a management based qualification can really build on your career prospects with both current and future employers.

Completing this course is an excellent entry point or step up into a new career by taking a practical approach to expanding your own leadership and management capability.

WATCH NOW: MiTraining's national admissions manager, Katrina Arch, guides you through the course structure, what's involved with study, course fees and practical study alternatives in this 20 minute video.

Delivery Mode
Fully Online
You’ll be supported by a dedicated trainer with access learning resources at your fingertips, and connect with other students working through the same course.
Study Load
Part Time
Enrol in up to two units per intake.
Course Fees
Flexible, interest free payment plans are available for this course.

Course Structure

Subject Name Unit Code Unit Name Core/Elective Duration
Part One Communicate effectively as a workplace leader Core 7 weeks
Part One Lead effective workplace relationships Core
Part Two Lead team effectiveness Core 7 weeks
Part Two Implement operational plan Core
Part Three Promote innovation in a team environment Elective 7 weeks
Part Three Lead a diverse workforce Elective
Part Four Undertake project work Elective 7 weeks
Part Four Develop work priorities Elective
Part Five Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies Elective 7 weeks
Part Five Identify risk and apply risk management processes Elective
Part Six Develop and nurture relationships Elective 7 weeks
Part Six Show leadership in the workplace Elective

Course Intakes

  • Monday 1 Feb 2021

  • Monday 1 Mar 2021

  • Monday 5 Apr 2021

Course Duration

Following the recommended course progression, there’s a maximum of up to 12 months allowed to complete the qualification.

You will complete each subject (including two units of competency) over a 7 week teaching period. We recommend a two week break between each teaching period to help you balance other commitments. Some students choose to progress more quickly through the course. It's designed to be flexible so that you can study at your own pace in your own time.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal educational entry requirements for this course. To support you to successfully complete the qualification you must meet the following entry requirements:

  • Aged 18 at the time of enrolment, or turning 18 within 6 months of commencing the course. Applicants under the age of 18 must have their enrolment paper work witnessed by a parent or guardian.

  • Course delivery and materials are in English. If English is your second language talk to us about the required English Language Proficiency level for this course.

  • Minimum computer literacy standards as well as unrestricted access to the internet.

  • Eligibility to provide a Unique Student Identifier (USI) at enrolment. Creating or looking up your USI is a simple process that can be done online at

View the Student Handbook for more information.

Payment Plans

MiTraining offers several interest free payment plan options including your choice of a deposit amount, then fortnightly or weekly instalments to pay the remaining course fees over the duration of your studies. Deposit amounts start from just $100.

To view all payment plan options click Apply Now.

Resource requirements

Each student in a MiTraining course will have access to a set of comprehensive course materials, including handouts and relevant reference materials. This is provided electronically and students will be given access to the course materials prior to commencement of studies.

As MiTraining course resources are delivered to students in an online format, students will be required to have access to the following resources:

A desktop computer, laptop or tablet with suitable software;

One of the following operating systems on the computer or laptop:

‐  Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8 or higher

‐  MACOSX operating system;

-  Reliable internet connection with a minimum download speed of 3mbps;

-  Current web browser version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari;

-  A personal email account that can be easily accessed;

-  The latest version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Pro LI and Windows Media Player;

-  Microsoft Office (version 2007 or later) that includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint;

-  Video camera or recording device (smart phone);

-  Printing and scanning capability.

Assessment tasks may require access to a quiet space for you to complete practical tasks. You may also be required to source individuals to participate in demonstration tasks with you.


Undertaking this qualification will require you to complete a range of assessments to assess your competency against the performance criteria. Assessments have been designed with a focus on workplace outputs.

A variety of assessment methods are used:

1. Assessing required knowledge

2. Assessing the application of skills in the workplace

3. Workplace observation and reports

Each assessment method provides a different type of evidence. Taken together, the complete assessment provides a holistic view of your ability to perform competently and confidently in the workplace to the level set down in the Competency Standards.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment pathway that enables you to demonstrate competence from prior experience and learning. RPL applications require a portfolio of evidence which will be assessed, together with a competency conversation or skills test/check. For more information view the RPL Policy or download the RPL Application Form on the Policies and Procedures page.

Credit Transfer

Statements of Attainment and Qualifications issued by other Registered Training Organisations will be recognised by MiTraining and may be used as credit towards a qualification with MiTraining.

For advice on applying for Credit Transfer for this qualification please contact MiTraining on 1300 549 190.

Staff training

MiTraining offers highly practical and industry relevant training to small, medium and large organisations seeking to develop staff. Organisations can choose from nationally recognised qualifications, accredited short courses or professional development workshops to focus on a specific skill sets.

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More about this course

MiTraining offers Release 2 of the qualification BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management. View this training package on the National Register of VET for full details.



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