DISC Advanced: Your Behavioural Style at Work

Face-to-Face Workshop for individuals | Half day | Brisbane

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Two Brisbane Workshop Dates Available:

- Wednesday 16 October 2019, Gasworks Newstead - Bookings closed

- Wednesday 27 November 2019, Gateway Corporate House, Murarrie

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Developing an awareness of your personal style and behaviour at work reveals the answers to some critical career questions. Why do others react to you in a certain way? Why do you find some tasks or situations draining, while others are energizing? How can you adjust your style to engage others and lift performance?

Undertaking a DISC Advanced profile assessment is a powerful professional development experience for individuals. You will develop a deep understanding of how you are perceived by others, what makes you tick and how you can adapt your approach to working with others.

What is DISC?

DISC is a behavioural assessment tool based on the psychology of four different personality styles -  Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. It is a complex model made simple and accessible to anyone through years of research, practice and workplace application.

DISC has been used by Australian and international organisations for 40 years to help individuals better understand themselves, and how they interact with others, in order to be more effective and productive at work.

Our approach to “unpacking” DISC

MiTraining uses the DISC Advanced assessment tool which is considered to be the most validated and in-depth instrument of its type. The DISC Advanced system is not just more advanced but is also more complete. The framework is designed to provide practical and useable information.

As part of your workshop registration you will complete an online DISC Advanced assessment prior to the face-to-face workshop. A hard copy of your personal assessment report is then provided at the workshop. This is done to ensure you have a good understanding of the theory behind the assessment to avoid any misinterpretation of your report results.

At the workshop our facilitator will explore the many DISC profiles which in turn develops your personal understanding of your profile.

What’s included in your DISC Advanced Assessment Report?

The assessment report includes:

  • Behavioural style overview
  • The Profiles – one that outlines a person’s ‘natural’ relationship to the DISC quadrants and another that shows what ‘adjustment’ a person has made in the workplace to accommodate their work environment
  • DISC Advanced Behavioural Chart – where the person sits and how they compare to others
  • Workplace predispositions – attributes describing the person
  • Individual strengths
  • Individual development areas
  • Behavioural Trait Intensity
  • How others perceive the person
  • Reaction modes under pressure and in conflict
  • Communication style

DISC Advanced Features

The report also has an advanced section providing an Advanced Interrelated Behavioural Analysis. This provides a significantly more comprehensive understanding of your complete behavioural style.

The report includes a range of “what next” tools and tips including:

  • Tips for others on how to communicate with the individual
  • Strategies to reduce conflict and increase harmony
  • An overview of the various styles
  • How to identify another person’s behavioural style
  • How to adapt to the various styles
  • How to communicate with the various styles
  • Conversation starters that can be very useful when reviewing the assessment results
  • Action Plan – worksheets, which enable the subject to create desired change

Workshop delivery

This expertly facilitated workshop offers a safe and mature learning environment.


  • Facilitated by a highly experienced DISC Advanced certified trainer
  • Bound, hard copy assessment report
  • Certificate of completion

Individual Coaching

MiTraining offers one-on-one coaching to further “unpack” an individual’s DISC profile. This allows time to discuss real workplace scenarios and interpersonal challenges in a confidential setting.

Individual DISC coaching is structured in three 1 hour sessions and are held either face-to-face or via video conference.

Talk to us about additional coaching services and coaching pack rates.

Workshop Details

There are two workshop date options available for Brisbane attendees. Once your booking is receive our team will make contact to confirm your preferred workshop date.

Workshop One

Wednesday 16 October 2019
8.50am for 9.00am to 1.00pm

Gasworks Corporate House
Level 2/76 Skyring Terrace, Newstead

Workshop Two

Wednesday 27 November 2019
8.50am for 9.00am to 1.00pm

Gateway Corporate House
Building 1, 747 Lytton Road, Murarrie


Course Details:

Professional Development
Face-to-face Course
Half-day workshop
Light refreshments provided
GST inclusive

Course Inclusions:

Expert facilitator
Certificate of Completion
Hard copy DISC Profile Report