Effective Meetings

Online self-paced course | 3-5 hours to complete

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Early career course

Love them or loathe them, when run well, meetings can help bring a team together and get things done. How many meetings have you been part of that run over time, have no agenda and don’t particularly achieve anything? It’s surprisingly common but there are some simple practices and planning habits that can help create an effective meeting.

Knowing how to run effective meetings is a basic but critical skill for anyone at work – from running projects to teams there is almost always a need to bring people together to discuss issues and work in progress.

What you'll learn

  • The purpose of meetings, when and why to hold them;
  • Planning the meeting – attendees, venue, format and scheduling;
  • Agenda setting and tips for preparing for the meeting;
  • Understanding meeting roles and responsibilities;
  • Strategies for conducting an effective meeting;
  • Ways to generate participation from meeting attendees;
  • Closing the meeting, minute taking and follow up action.

This course is ideal for

Anyone who wants to develop the skills to run more effective meetings. This course includes tips and tactics relevant to meetings in any business or industry.

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Course Details:

Professional Development
Fully Online
3 months continuous access
GST inclusive
3-5 hours to complete
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Course Inclusions:

Certificate of Completion
Activities & self-reflection
Student support


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