The New Supervisor

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Shifting from being ‘one of the team’ to leading the team can be a challenging move. As a new supervisor, team leader or frontline manager it’s now up to you to make difficult decisions, give feedback and drive performance.

Having the right leadership skills under your belt can make sure you get off to a strong start and rally your team behind you.

Managers and supervisors provide leadership for a team and bridge the gap between the management of the organisation and their team members. This course will help you understand ways to 'manage up' as well as manage a team.

This course can also be delivered for groups of staff. Learn more about staff training options here.

Course Content

This course is structured in 4 modules:

  1. Plan team outcomes
  2. Promote team cohesion
  3. Supervise team performance
  4. Liaise with management

Learning outcomes

This course addresses the skills, knowledge and outcomes required to lead the performance of a team and develop team cohesion.

Plan team outcomes

  • Lead team to identify and establish team objectives and work processes
  • Support team to document identified objectives and work processes according to organisational processes
  • Encourage team members to incorporate innovation and productivity measures in work plans
  • Lead and support team members to meet expected outcomes

Promote team cohesion

  • Provide opportunities for input of team members into planning, decision making and operational aspects of work team
  • Support team members to take responsibility for own work and to assist each other in undertaking required roles and responsibilities
  • Provide feedback to team members on their efforts and contributions
  • Address or refer issues, concerns and problems identified by team members
  • Model expected behaviours and approaches

Supervise team performance

  • Encourage team members to participate in and take responsibility for team activities and communication processes
  • Support team to identify and resolve problems which impede performance
  • Ensure own contribution to work team serves as a role model for others

Liaise with management

  • Establish open communication with line management
  • Communicate information from line management to the team
  • Communicate unresolved issues, concerns and problems raised by the team to line management to action
  • Communicate issues raised by management to the team to action

Entry requirements

There are no formal educational entry requirements for this course.

To support a successful learning experience student will require:

1. Minimum technology requirements including access to a device (desktop/mobile/tablet), reliable internet connection and use of a personal email account.

Course delivery

This course is delivered online via MiTraining’s Learning Management System (LMS) which includes:

  • Course content and reading materials
  • Activities 
  • Supplementary learning materials

Course duration

You will be provided with three months’ continuous access to the course on the LMS.

Course FAQs

What does the course cost? The course fee is a one-off, upfront payment. If you require an invoice please email or call 1300 549 190.


Course Details:

Professional Development
Fully Online
3 months continuous access
Start anytime
GST inclusive

Course Inclusions:

Activities & self-reflection
Certificate of Completion