Microsoft Office Course Bundle

Three online self-paced courses | 3-5 hours to complete each course

Complete at your own pace
Resume enhancer

The Microsoft Skills Bundle included 3 professional development courses to help you navigate popular office applications

Microsoft Excel Essentials (2013) 
Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet package that enables you to organise data, make simple and complex calculations and analyse information.

Microsoft Word Essentials (2013)

Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used word processing applications in the world. In this introductory course you’ll learn the basics through to more advanced settings, tools and tips to help you develop first rate documents.

Microsoft PowerPoint Essentials (2013)
This course will teach you the basics for using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. You’ll work through ways to create a presentation, add content to slides, manipulate text and imagery and understand different presentation styles.

What You'll Learn

Microsoft Excel Essentials (2013)

  • Spreadsheet terminology;
  • Understand the features and functionality of the software package;
  • Apply and format spreadsheet styles;
  • Data entry, short-cuts and tips;
  • Table creation and formatting;
  • Basic formula;
  • Working with multiple worksheets;
  • Turning data into visuals and charts;
  • Printing, sharing and protecting spreadsheets.

Microsoft Word Essentials (2013)

  • Document appearance;
  • Working with fonts;
  • Paragraph formatting and spacing;
  • Document styling;
  • Templates and styling;
  • Using tables;
  • Working with images;
  • Referencing, page numbering and breaks;
  • Importing content;
  • Proofing documents;
  • Printing, sharing and saving work.

Microsoft PowerPoint Essentials (2013)

  • Designing and viewing presentations;
  • Working with fonts;
  • Adding different types of content;
  • Presentation styling and formatting;
  • Builds and transitions;
  • Using multimedia;
  • Making sure the presentation is error free;
  • Printing for presentations;
  • Exporting presentations

This course is ideal for

Anyone that uses these Microsoft applications in their day to day work and want to gain a better understanding of their features and functionalities.

Skill Sets

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These skill sets may group soft skills (interpersonal) or hard skills (technical) or a combination of both types into a cluster of courses. Courses are clustered in such a way that they can develop transferable skills (those that apply to many or different career fields), combine job specific employment skills, or target skills gaps in identified industries.

If a skill set is accredited and is part of MiTraining's scope, it will be clearly stated in the course information.

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Course Details:

Professional Development
Fully Online
6 months continuous access
GST inclusive

Course Inclusions:

3 self-paced courses
Activities & self-reflection
Certificate of Completion
Student support



Office Administration Skill Set

If you work in an administrative role, or are expected to perform administrative tasks together with other job responsibilities, this skill set will give you the skills to be more efficient and effective.