Administration Essentials Course Bundle

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Early career course
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Have you recently commenced a Administration Traineeship, or a junior administrative role? Are trying to secure your first office job and want to demonstrate how your skills set you apart?

This Skill Set is designed just for you.

It includes the following course module which have been hand picked to skill you up in the most common administrative skill areas employers expect in new hires:

Course 1: Microsoft Excel Essentials (2013) 
Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet package that enables you to organise data, make simple and complex calculations and analyse information.

Course 2: Prioritising Your Work
Learn how to identify work objectives, prioritise your work and incorporate prioritised tasks into personal schedules.

Course 3: Telephone Communication Skills  
The service you provide to those who communicate with you over the telephone should be of the same high standards as that provided in face-to-face interactions.  This course will provide you with practical tips on effective telephone communication.

Course 4: Time Management at Work
Learn to coordinate multiple competing tasks by managing what you can achieve in the time available. 

Course Content

Microsoft Excel Essentials (2013)

  • Spreadsheet terminology
  • Understand the features and functionality of the software package
  • Apply and format spreadsheet styles
  • Data entry, short-cuts and tips
  • Table creation and formatting
  • Basic formula
  • Working with multiple worksheets
  • Turning data into visuals and charts
  • Printing, sharing and protecting spreadsheets

Prioritising Your Work

  • How to plan complete a work schedule
  • How to identify key factors that can impact meeting your objectives
  • Understand different tools to assist with task scheduling
  • Learn the importance of monitoring your own work
  • Steps to seeking feedback on your performance  
  • Understanding when there has been a variation in the level of your performance and the impact of this
  • Identify the skills and knowledge you require for your role and success

Telephone Communication Skills  

  • How to create an outstanding image  
  • Understanding the different telephone protocols 
  • Tips for taking challenging calls
  • How to make your outbound calls more effective
  • Handling high pressure or confronting phone calls

Time Management at Work

  • How to increase your productivity through time management
  • How to set and follow SMART objectives
  • To identify important and non-important tasks
  • The importance of prioritising and scheduling
  • Key strategies for making better use of your time
  • How to manage interruptions
  • The power of delegation
  • The keys to effective meetings

This skill set is ideal for

This skill set is perfect for someone who is starting their first job in administration, commencing a business administration traineeship or even maybe returning to work and want to polish up on key skills.

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Course Details:

Professional Development
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6 months continuous access
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Course Inclusions:

Certificate of Completion
3 self-paced courses
Activities & self-reflection
Bonus Time Management course


Effective Meetings

Love them or loathe them, when run well, meetings can help bring a team together and get things done. 

The Confident Communicator

You’ve heard the phrase ‘walk the talk’, but what about ‘talk the walk’? It’s what some of the most successful people do at work…they’re able to explain and communicate in a way that is compelling, inspiring to get people moving in the same direction.