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Soft skills are transferable between industries and different job roles. Also referred to as employability skills, they include the ability to communicate with others, show social awareness, collaborate in teams, adapt to new work environments, to resist stress and self-manage.

Individuals who invest in their soft skills development are generally happier, more successful and advance in their career quickly. Many employers no longer see soft skills as a just a ‘nice to have’, but instead as crucial to management capability.

Employers value staff with demonstrated soft skills because they can drive business outcomes, such as reducing risk to the business through critical thinking and problem solving; creating fewer HR issues by demonstrating self-awareness and good judgement; improved culture and workplace behaviours due to well-developed emotional intelligence; communication skills that help engage customers and convert to results; and create adaptable team members who can collaborate and work autonomously.

This Professional Certificate will help develop foundation soft skills that employers are searching for and can have a real career impact.

What You'll Learn

  • Communicate with clarity and impact
  • How to use different communication styles to present a case
  • Keep negotiations focused and maintain trust of others
  • Participate in and lead meetings effectively
  • Develop and implement stress management strategies
  • Develop and implement stress management techniques within a team
  • Build team morale
  • Model high standards of performance and behaviour
  • Enhance the organsation’s image
  • Make informed decisions
  • Identify the impact of own emotions on others
  • Recognise and appreciate the emotional strengths and weaknesses of others
  • Promote emotional intelligence in others
  • Use emotional intelligence to maximise team outcomes


The Program includes four course modules, three of which are nationally recognised units of competency, and a single professional development module:

  1. Communicate, present and negotiate persuasively
    (BSBLDR503 Communicate with influence)
  2. Show leadership in the workplace
    (BSBMGT401 Show leadership in the workplace)
  3. Develop and model emotional intelligence
    (BDBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence)
  4. Managing Stress in the Workplace 
    (Professional development module)

Educational pathways

This Professional Certificate is based on three units of competency from the Australian Business Services Training Package.

All units include optional assessment. Students deemed competent in the following units may pursue an accredited qualification pathway with MiTraining, and be issued with a Statement of Attainment:

  • BSBMGT401 Show leadership in the workplace
  • BDBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
  • BSBLDR503 Communicate with influence

Job outlook

Soft skills and personal attributes are just as important as technical skills - and according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) - they might be even more important. The WEF identified 10 of the 16 ‘crucial proficiencies for education in the 21st century’ as non-technical skills or soft skills.

And, the need for soft skills is only going to grow with a Deloitte Access Economics report stating that soft skill intensive occupations will account for two-thirds of all jobs by 2030.


You may choose to undertake assessment with the aim of obtaining a Statement of Attainment for selected units. Assessments have been designed with a focus on workplace outputs.

A variety of assessment methods are used:

1. Assessing required knowledge

2. Assessing the application of skills in the workplace

3. The submission of Third Party Reports

Each assessment method provides a different type of evidence. Taken together, the complete assessment provides a holistic view of your ability to perform competently and confidently in the workplace to the level set down in the Competency Standards.

Skill Sets

MiTraining groups together courses into categories of knowledge, abilities, and experience necessary to improve performance at work and describes them as skill sets.

These skill sets may group soft skills (interpersonal) or hard skills (technical) or a combination of both types into a cluster of courses. Courses are clustered in such a way that they can develop transferable skills (those that apply to many or different career fields), combine job specific employment skills, or target skills gaps in identified industries.

If a skill set is accredited and is part of MiTraining's scope, it will be clearly stated in the course information.

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Course Details:

Professional Development
Fully Online
6 months continuous access
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Course Inclusions:

Student support
Certificate of Completion
Activities & self-reflection
Statement of Attainment (if competent in all assessment)


Develop and use emotional intelligence

Learn how to identify the impact of your own emotions on others in the workplace, recognise the emotional strengths and weaknesses of staff and use interpersonal skills to maximise team outcomes.