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- Build professional networks and long term referral business

- Develop positive, productive relationships with others in the workplace

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This course develops the skills you need to nurture and maintain various networks and relationships with clients, prospective customers and colleagues. You’ll develop techniques to promote your business through relationship building and networking, as well as ways to source and secure new business relationships.

Course content

This course is structured in three modules:

  1. Build and nurture positive, respectful relationships with colleagues and clients
  2. Develop and maintain business networks and relationships
  3. Foster long term referral business from clients

Course topics

Develop professional relationships

  • Conduct dealings with clients, professionals, and other third parties professionally and in accordance with the organisation's policies and procedures and legislative, regulatory and professional codes of practice
  • Comply with organisation’s social, business and ethical standards to develop and maintain positive relationships
  • Deal with colleagues, clients and other parties in a competent manner and with regard to confidentiality
  • Adjust interpersonal styles and methods to the needs and situations of other parties

Build and maintain business networks and relationships

  • Develop and maintain business and professional networks and other relationships to benefit the organisation
  • Use business and professional networks to identify and cultivate relationships in order to promote and market the organisation
  • Collaborate with other professionals and third parties to expand and enhance the reputation of the organisation and to identify new and improved business practices

Nurture relationships and build on referral business for the long term

  • Follow up referral business through appropriate communication channels to find and secure new business relationships
  • Identify referral needs quickly and provide information about relevant products and services
  • Refer information and ideas about referral business to designated individuals with a view to nurturing ongoing business relationships

Who should enrol

Anyone who uses communication and networking skills to develop and consolidate relationships with people in a working environment.

Entry requirements

There are no formal educational entry requirements for this course. To support a successful learning experience students will require: 1. Access to a device (desktop/mobile/tablet), reliable internet connection and use of a personal email account.

Course delivery and support

This course is delivered online via MiTraining’s Learning Management System (LMS). When you enrol you’ll be asked to setup your LMS student account and will then be granted immediate access to the course materials including:

  • Course content and reading materials
  • Activities
  • Additional course resources

Time commitment

You will have a 6 months’ access to the learning resources to provide additional time and flexibility to complete each module.

MiTraining recommends committing around 3-5 hours per week to the course including reading the course material and attempting course activities.

You may complete the course more quickly depending on how much time you can dedicate.

Course FAQs

What are the course payment options?

There is a one-off, up front course fee that can be paid by credit card or an invoice (by request).

Do I have to do the course activities?

Yes, to receive a Certificate of Completion for the course you must attempt the activities.

Is this course accredited?

This course is for professional development only.

The summative assessment for this course may be completed when enrolled in the qualification BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management with MiTraining. Discuss your pathway and assessment options with our team by calling 1300 549 190.


Course Details:

Professional Development
Fully Online
6 months continuous access
Start anytime

Course Inclusions:

Certificate of Completion
Student support
Activities & self-reflection


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