Employment Skills for Older Workers Course Bundle

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This bundle of courses is designed for mature age learners who are seeking to develop their employability skills. The objective is to develop a better understanding of your future career pathway and build confidence in the area of work prioritisation, and communication skills in a work setting:

The three hand-picked course modules are: 

Module 1: Your Career Pathway
A career path is the journey people take to reach their career goals and is often formed through a combination of small steps taken over many years. Understanding and managing a career path is a critical skill that can help identify new opportunities and underpin a secure employment trajectory.

Module 2: Prioritising Your Work
Learn how to identify work objectives, prioritise work tasks, incorporate prioritised tasks into personal schedules. This is an excellent refresher course for developing a workplace skill that is transferable to any job role or industry.

Module 3: Influencing and Negotiation Skills
Become and effective influencer and negotiator in your workplace. You’ll develop a solid understanding of the behaviours, styles and approaches that can help you build confidence in negotiating and influencing outcomes. This skill area will also help you develop confidence through the job hunting negotiation and communication process.

Course Content

Your Career Pathway

  • What steps need to consider as you create your career pathway;
  • How your Interests, skills, and personality will help define your career goals;
  • Understanding career exploration;
  • The importance of education and training on your career journey;
  • Understanding goal setting and documenting these plans;
  • Tips on finding jobs, creating career portfolios and marketing yourself;
  • Items to consider when looking for transfers, promotions or changing careers.

Prioritising Your Work

  • How to plan complete a work schedule;
  • How to identify key factors that can impact meeting your objectives;
  • Understand different tools to assist with task scheduling;
  • Learn the importance of monitoring your own work;
  • Steps to seeking feedback on your performance;  
  • Understanding when there has been a variation in the level of your performance and the impact of this;
  • Identify the skills and knowledge you require for your role and success.

Influencing and Negotiation Skills

  • Understand the concept of personal power and influence;
  • Principles of effective negotiation;
  • Influencing behaviours and how to develop them;
  • How to deliver information based on your audience;
  • Advanced communication techniques;
  • Negotiation tactics and insights;
  • How to align competing or conflicting outcomes;
  • Building trust based relationships.

Skill Sets

MiTraining groups together courses into categories of knowledge, abilities, and experience necessary to improve performance at work and describes them as skill sets.

These skill sets may group soft skills (interpersonal) or hard skills (technical) or a combination of both types into a cluster of courses. Courses are clustered in such a way that they can develop transferable skills (those that apply to many or different career fields), combine job specific employment skills, or target skills gaps in identified industries.

If a skill set is accredited and is part of MiTraining's scope, it will be clearly stated in the course information.

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Course Inclusions:

Certificate of Completion
3 self-paced courses
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