Managing Off-site Staff

Online self-paced course | 3-5 hours to complete

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Mid-senior career course

Frontline managers, team leaders or supervisors can be responsible for a variety of work teams including those who are on-site, mobile, off-site or at home. Successful management of these work groups requires the design and development of management structures, practice and cultures that are inclusive and productive.

This course will help you develop approaches to successfully leading off-site teams. You’ll develop an understanding of the procedures and structures required to ensure remote teams are safe, productive and performing at their best.

What you'll learn

  • The advantages and disadvantages of off-site or remote teams;
  • Inducting off-site workers;
  • Defining roles and formalising agreements;
  • Fostering an environment that’s inclusive of remote teams;
  • The value of the communication loop;
  • Performance targets and monitoring remote teams;
  • Training, coaching and mentoring approaches;
  • Awareness of legislation and insurance requirements around engaging off-site teams.

This course is ideal for

Those responsible for managing remote, off-site or virtual teams in any work setting or industry environment.

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Course Details:

Professional Development
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3-5 hours to complete
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Course Inclusions:

Certificate of Completion
Activities & self-reflection
Student support


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